Upcoming events

    • 10/22/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • Pao Center for the Arts, 90 Albany Street, Boston MA

    BKA is excited to announce that it will be co-presenting the shorts series "re: Home" at the Boston Asian American Film Festival this year!  


    From the BAAFF website:


    "How do you internalize race when your adoptive family is a different race than you? How do you find a sense of community when you straddle different worlds? Centered around Korean Adoption, this series of shorts examines the complexities that come with being adopted away from your birth country."


    This series will feature four shorts:

    • ·         Side by Side: Out of a South Korean Orphanage (Documentary), directed by Glenn and Julia Morey
    • ·         The Beach House (Narrative), directed by Eric Elizaga
    • ·         Dear Mother (Documentary), directed by Matthew Kaundart
    • ·         A Letter for Sang Ah (Documentary), directed by Mina Fitzpatrick

    They will be screened on Monday, October 22, 2018 at the Pao Center for the Arts (90 Albany Street, Chinatown, Boston MA). 


    For more information, film descriptions and director bios and to purchase tickets, please visit the BAAFF website directly at:




    Looking forward to seeing you there!


    • 10/29/2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Dali Conference Room on the 14th Floor, Impact Hub, 50 Milk Street, Boston MA

    Location: Impact Hub, 50 Milk Street, Boston MA - Dali Room on the 14th floor 


    Have you ever thought you benefitted from being a trans-national adoptee?  Have you sometimes felt "guilty" for what you received?  Have you felt a sense of internalized guilt/racism towards other Koreans?  Have you felt like you have needed to constantly navigate through being Korean, yet feeling "White" on the inside?

    If so, this discussion is for you.  

    Join us for October's discussion group on October 29th. While we always welcome drop-ins, if you know you're coming please register to make sure we have enough food.


    Impact Hub/CIC is located at 50 Milk Street, in downtown Boston. Check in at the front desk, let them know you're here for a BKA event at ImpactHub, and take an elevator up.

    There is street parking and then the Post Office Garage has the best rate: https://www.posquare.com/rates-hours/

    BKA Discussion Group is made possible by a grant from the Korean Ministry of Health and Wellness. Previously, the discussion group has hosted events on various film screenings and discussions on KAD conferences, anxiety, stereotypes, relationships, and families among adoptees.

    If you have topics that you're interested in or feedback you want to share, please contact Laura Jee (LKnuttunen@gmail.com), Timothy Rehberg (rehbergtimothy@gmail.com) or reach out to a board member.  




    • 11/06/2018
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Catalyst Restaurant, 300 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA

    Come to our November happy hour at Catalyst Restaurant in Cambridge! Check out the food and drink menus at their website: https:// www.catalystrestaurant.com/.

    • 11/28/2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • 145 Ipswich St, Boston, MA 02215-3539, United States
    • 39

    Join us for our 4rd Annual Bowling for BKA Fundraiser!

    In addition to meeting new people and catching up with old friends, you will also help BKA raise a few bucks for programming and events for the coming year. BKA members, family and friends are welcome.

    Please be sure to register early to reserve your place since there is a limit. Pre-registration is $20 per person for two hours of bowling including snazzy bowling shoes, chips & salsa, and a prize for best bowling score! 100% of ticket sales will go to BKA. Registration at the door will be $30.

    Please note that this event is 21+

    • 12/02/2018
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
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    Once again, BKA is teaming up with the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts to offer a Korean cooking class.


    Join us for a private cooking class to learn how to make a few dishes, try a few foods and have a little fun.


    The classes normally have a cost of $85 per person but, thanks to a generous grant from Korea's Ministry of Health and Wellness, we're able to subsidize these quite a bit. It will only cost you $20 per session if you're a member, $30 if you're a non-member.  


    We have to meet an 8 person minimum for the class to run (13 person max). Friends and guests welcome! 


    Registration will be open to BKA members (all levels) through Friday, October 19.  Then, it will be available to everyone - non-members and guests - on Saturday, October 20. If we reach the 13 person limit, we will open up a wait list.


    • Kimchi cheddar bites with Asian pear
    • Bibim naengmyeon (Spicy Cold Noodles)
    • Soondubu jjigae (Spicy Braised Tofu Stew)
    • Beef Bulgogi
    • White Rice
    • Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)
    • Jap chae (Sweet potato noodles stir-fried with vegetables)
    (items in red are if our group reaches 12)


    • Crispy candied sweet potatoes with spicy dipping sauce
    • Scallion pancakes
    • Crispy Green onion Salad
    • Stir fried anchovies
    • Pickled daikon


    • Hotteok (sweet stuffed bread NO PEANUTS)

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10/20/2017 BKA Co-Presents "AKA Seoul" at the Boston Asian-American Film Festival
09/23/2017 BKA Field Trip: The Big E
09/18/2017 BKA Board Info Session
09/10/2017 Cooking Class: Dumpling-making at Mei Mei
08/10/2017 BKA FUNdraiser at Jillian's / Lucky Strike
08/03/2017 July Discussion Group
07/28/2017 July Happy Hour
07/16/2017 BKA Summer BBQ
06/29/2017 BKAChats June Meeting
06/17/2017 EMW Anniversary and BKA Library Kickoff
06/08/2017 June Happy Hour!
04/22/2017 Expressive Arts Workshops for Adopted Adults of Color
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11/19/2016 Family Volunteer Day
10/20/2016 Boston Asian American Film Festival - Tyrus (Thursday)
10/15/2016 Annual Meeting and Chuseok Dinner
09/22/2016 BKA Discussion Group, September: "Going Home" Screening
09/02/2016 Korean Fried Chicken and Drinks
08/26/2016 Post-Film Dinner and Discussion
08/26/2016 BKA Field Trip: Film at the MFA, Trip 2
08/21/2016 BKA Field Trip: Film at the MFA and Dinner
07/12/2016 Korean Food Culture at Meju Restaurant
07/07/2016 July Happy Hour
06/25/2016 Summer BBQ
06/23/2016 BKA Discussion Group, June: KAD Conferences and Gatherings
06/07/2016 BKA June Social - Bowling for BKA
04/16/2016 Korean Cooking Class with the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
04/10/2016 BKA Korean Language Class
03/31/2016 "Searching for Go-Hyang" Film Screening and BKAChats Launch Discussion
03/26/2016 Western MA KAD Dinner
03/26/2016 Korean Cooking Class with the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
03/17/2016 March Dinner
03/16/2016 BKA Field Trip: New Sounds for Silk Strings Contemporary Gayageum Music from East and West at Wellesley College
02/13/2016 Lunar New Year Dinner
01/21/2016 January Happy Hour
01/14/2016 KADtalk, BKA's Book and Film Group: January Meeting
01/09/2016 An Afternoon on the Ice
11/05/2015 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: November Meeting
11/01/2015 BKA Service Event: Cradles to Crayons
10/15/2015 "Adoptees in the Wild, Season 1" Film Screening
10/10/2015 "Operation Babylift" FREE Community Screening - Co-Presented by BKA, BAAFF and Viet-Aid
10/03/2015 Annual Meeting and Chuseok Dinner
09/12/2015 KADtalk 2-year Anniversary/A Celebration of Korean Adoptee Literature and Film
08/02/2015 Summer BBQ
07/15/2015 July Happy Hour
07/11/2015 Lucky Chow: Stories of Asian Culinary Culture (Film Screening) - Co-Presented by BKA, QAPA and BAAFF
07/09/2015 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: July Meeting
05/14/2015 BKA May Social - Bowling for BKA
05/07/2015 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: May Meeting
03/26/2015 March Social - Doughraiser
03/05/2015 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: March Meeting
02/28/2015 Lunar New Year Dinner
02/05/2015 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: February Meeting
01/22/2015 January Happy Hour!
01/15/2015 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: January Meeting (add-on meeting)
12/13/2014 Annual BKA Holiday Party
12/04/2014 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: December Meeting
10/18/2014 Annual Meeting and Chuseok Dinner
10/08/2014 Board of Directors Info Session
10/02/2014 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: October Meeting
09/05/2014 BKA Late Summer Social
08/14/2014 BKA Anniversary Conference
08/07/2014 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: August Meeting
07/25/2014 BKA Happy Hour
07/11/2014 BKA Happy Hour
06/20/2014 Mix and Mingle at Daedalus
06/05/2014 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: June Meeting
05/03/2014 BKA Field Trip: Stonyfield Farm 5k and Harvest Fair
05/01/2014 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: May Meeting
04/26/2014 8th Annual Dessert Fundraiser
04/03/2014 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: April Meeting
03/29/2014 BKA Goes Bowling!
03/01/2014 Open Dialogue Workshop
02/06/2014 KADtalk, a literature and film discussion group: February Meeting
02/01/2014 Lunar New Year Dinner
12/14/2013 Annual BKA Holiday Party
12/12/2013 KADtalk, a BKA reading group: December Meeting
11/23/2013 Boba (Bubble Tea) & Game Night Fundraiser
11/07/2013 KADtalk, a BKA reading group: November Meeting
10/19/2013 BKA Tag Sale
09/21/2013 Annual Meeting and Chuseok Dinner
08/31/2013 BKA Fenway Outing: Red Sox vs. Chicago White Sox
08/24/2013 Board of Directors Info Session
08/19/2013 Book Club Meeting
07/27/2013 Patbingsoo & Game Night Fundraiser
07/07/2013 Summer BBQ
05/04/2013 BKA’s (ridiculously belated) annual Lunar New Year Dinner
04/27/2013 A Little Peace (Dessert Fundraiser)
03/20/2013 BKA Field Trip: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
03/06/2013 Democracy, Poetry and Prose
02/09/2013 Lunar New Year Dinner
01/26/2013 The BKA Anniversary Conference Pizza Forum
12/01/2012 Annual BKA Holiday Party
10/27/2012 BKA Trivia Night!
09/29/2012 Chuseok Dinner, Annual Meeting and Open House
07/28/2012 Summer BBQ
06/23/2012 Fingerprints: A Discussion Group - Session 3
06/09/2012 Bonchon + MD1
05/19/2012 Fingerprints: A Discussion Group - Session 2
04/07/2012 Fingerprints: A Discussion Group - Session 1
04/06/2012 Book Reading with Krys Lee, author of Drifting House
03/24/2012 Spring Get-Together at the Russell House Tavern
03/22/2012 Book Club Meeting
02/11/2012 BKA Community Dinner
01/25/2012 Book Club Meeting
12/17/2011 BKA Holiday Party
11/11/2011 Speaking the Unspoken: Recognizing Adoptee Artists
09/24/2011 BKA Volunteers! Cradles to Crayons
08/13/2011 BKA Volunteers! Gardening and Farm Work at Waltham Fields
06/11/2011 Summer BBQ
10/29/2010 Journeys Abroad, Journeys Within: A Korean Adoption Film Festival
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