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Research Requests


Thank you very much for contacting Boston Korean Adoptees, Inc. (BKA). We value and support adoption research, especially when it has the potential for positive impact within the adoptee and larger adoption community. We understand the role and impact it has within the Korean adoptee and adoption community as a whole and are excited by the cutting-edge work done in the field. We welcome opportunities to facilitate work in the field.

BKA receives quite a few research requests throughout the year and we kindly ask that all researchers who wish to reach out to BKA provide some basic information about their project, research methods, and context within the research community. Here is the link for the BKA Research Request Form so we can learn more about your study.

Please email our Research Coordinator (research@bkadoptee.org) once you have completed the form.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us with questions.

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