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BKA Membership Benefits

By becoming a dues-payment member of BKA, you not only help BKA continue to offer events, programs and services for the adoptee community, but you also have access to some great benefits and perks. Here are a few of the benefits of membership that you can enjoy:

Membership Rates
Members pay a reduced rate for most (if not all) paid quarterly events. The amount you save is often enough to cover the costs of membership.

BKA Library Privileges

BKA has a growing collection of over 100 books and films related to Korea and Adoption available to paid members. While anyone can view our library's contents, only BKA members have borrowing privileges. To learn more, click here.

Priority Access
While we strive to make many events as accessible as possible, sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, space is limited. On these occasions, registration will be available to members first.

Voting Privileges
Members - those with full memberships and adoptees who pay student/hardship rates have full voting privileges. This applies to the annual board vote as well as select other votes, as needed.

Translation Services
Members - those with full memberships and adoptees who pay student/hardship rates are encouraged to use BKA's new translation services. Ms. Ah Lahm Shin has graciously agreed to volunteer her time and services to help translate letters, emails and documents. We cannot thank Ms. Shin enough for her generosity. To learn more about "Aram" and her services, click here.

Beyond BKA
Discounted subscription to Korean Quarterly (KQ)
The wonderful, gracious folks at KQ have offered subscriptions to BKA members at the discounted student rate of $10 a year. The Korean Quarterly is a nonprofit, volunteer-run newspaper that has been serving the Korean community for over 16 years. To subscribe, please use their subscription form.  In the subscription type, please select "$10 rate for students" and then write "BKA" next to it.  
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