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Being with the body: An open letter to my dad

08/16/2017 10:21 PM | Sarah O'Neill (Administrator)

Here is a poem from Christina Kim she wrote to her father. 


Dear Dad,

Thank you for what I have learned in your company.

And in my own quest for meaning and wholeness.

Thank this body for all the work it has done.

All that it has been through.

All that it holds up.

Noticing this pain but do not dwell in it.

The disappointment of its limitations, changing shape, changing abilities

Respect that: resting with what is

Loving oneself anyways

Like child self – no choice

The weight of time, responsibilities, goals, schedules to keep, racing mind


Keep up! Something more to do. Protect myself.

Proving myself to myself.

Good enough.

Letting go:

Another way

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