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Potential Discussion Questions for BKAChats, 6/23/16

06/21/2016 8:41 PM | Sarah O'Neill (Administrator)

In advance of BKAChats this week, here are a few things to possibly think about:

1.  Think back on a time you attended a KAD or adoptee gathering that made an impression on you, whether it be a Gathering, conference, research symposium, dinner or outing, or something else.  How did you feel before you went? When you decided to go?  When you arrived?  During and after the event?  Why was it meaningful to you (in either a good or bad way).

2.  If you're going to to the Gathering in August, why did you decide to go?  What do you hope to get out of it?  How do you feel?

3.  If you're not going to the Gathering in August, why did you decide against it?  What do you think?  How do you feel?

4.  For those looking to travel to Korea in the next year or so (regardless of when), what do you expect? Do you feel ready?  What questions do you have?  Travel with others or by yourself? What will you see/buy/experience/eat/learn?

5.  Think about how someone looking to travel to the country of their birth: how do they feel? How do they prepare?

6.  Logistics of traveling in general - daunting or 'I got this'?

7.  What other questions would you ask?  What other concerns do you have?

See you on Thursday?

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