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Introducing the BKA Blog!

10/16/2015 9:44 AM | Anonymous

It’s been just over a year since we invited adoptees from around the world to join us in celebrating BKA’s anniversary. Since then, we’ve enjoyed getting to know all of you better through dinners, happy hours, bowling, bbq, film screenings and game nights (and we look forward to many more!). One of the many questions we often receive is: “so what’s next for BKA?” Typically, we talk about upcoming events, but there’s so much more that the Board is working on that we’re hoping to implement.

One of our goals is to engage and communicate with more BKA members, the Boston community and the KAD population at large. Boston is often referred to as the “Hub,” and we’d love to see BKA be a Hub for adoptee discussions, research and networking. This blog will serve, in part, to fulfill that purpose.

We hope to share everything from adoptee/Korean news and thoughts, including article and book reviews, to BKA event highlights and recipes. However, before we jaunt down this merry path of blogging, a few points to discuss:

1) This is a public blog, which means any person on the internet can read, comment and share its content. Feel free to share, link out, etc.

2) We are allowing comments for now, because we believe there’s a lot of benefit in creating a dialogue. That said, we ask that you be civil and respectful of one another. We will delete posts that we find offensive or derogatory. You may not think your post offensive (and who knows, perhaps it isn’t and we’re just overly sensitive), but if we find it so, it’s gone.

At the end of the day, we want this to blog to be an engaging and informative space for BKA, the adoptee community, and anyone else interested in Korean and/or adoptee topics.

We hope that you will join us in this effort!

On behalf of the BKA Board,

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